Sep 142009

I definitely behave like a pack-rat on occasion. Particularly when it comes to digital content, which is painless to store and relatively easy to organize, there is a great temptation to keep everything. But at the same time, I recognize that our brain’s capability to forget is actually beneficial – unimportant/unimpressive things shouldn’t take up space or waste our time.

I seriously suspect this will come back to haunt a lot of us in the future, as we accumulate unprecedented quantities of digital goods we can’t bear to let go of. Imagine having to wade through 100,000 photos your parents took during the course of their lives. Would you ever bother to do it? How many would you actually care to keep? What if each branch on your family tree had that many photos?

In that spirit, I am revisiting the content of my site. The good and useful will stay – all else will fade…

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