Apr 052010

Data is an extremely valuable resource. That’s a little vague, but it’s probably the most profitable asset of our era. Businesses such as Google and Facebook live or die based on the data at their disposal – and they carefully guard this data. There have been lawsuits filed over unauthorized use of these data sets, even just for using publicly available data.

That being said, Google does make their search data available. It’s not provided in a convenient format, but you can learn very interesting/humorous/scary things. And it provides a window into what your neighbors have on their minds.

These are the types of searches people enter into Google:

“how to google something”
Um, you’re doing it wrong…

“how come cupcake is not considered a mineral”
“how many raisins can a dog eat”
“what turns urine purple”
“my pet rock died”
“where can i find chuck norris”
Google won’t search for Chuck Norris because it knows you don’t find Chuck Norris, he finds you.

“how do you get pregnant”
This says so much about our society, and variations are recommended by Google for almost any query.

“how do you quote a quote”
“how do you if your pregnant”
“how do you no if a boy likes you”
“how to go on myspace at school”
These say so much about our education.

“how to cheat on farmville”
“how to cheat on a test”
“how to cheat and not get caught”
“how to cheat on your wife”
“how to cheat on your girlfriend”

“how to steal from walmart”
“how to steal a car”
“how to steal cable”
“how to steal a street sign”
“how to steal a dog”
“how to steal clothes”

“who can i sue”

“how to cut yourself”
“how to hurt yourself”
“how to hurt your ex boyfriend”
“how to hurt your brother”

“how to kill bed bugs”
“how to kill a mockingbird” Maybe looking for Cliff Notes?
“how to kill someone and get away with it”

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