Nov 222010

A fair number of users come to searching for “linux remote clipboard”. I find this interesting, as I’ve never had a use for such a thing. I do not know your use case, but I think it’s possible you’re not considering some of the more powerful options available. There are a couple remote clipboard software packages for you to consider, although you may end up having to pay a license fee. You may also be going about the solution in the wrong manner, so I’ll suggest some alternatives.

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Oct 082009

I’m thankful to work in one of the most Linux dominated fields in the industry. But the rest of the world still uses Windows all over the place, so I do have to use it as part of my job. I recently made my life much better by installing Windows under Ubuntu Linux using VMware. Now the couple Windows apps I have to use are relegated to one virtual desktop on my Linux box.

The setup was mostly painless, but I did run across some very frustrating behavior with a couple of the Windows applications.

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