Jan 142011
Screenshot of Tomato wifi router firmware - realtime bandwidth plot

For the last few years, I’ve been using DD-WRT on my home wifi router (a Linksys/Cisco WRT54GL). I found DD-WRT to be perfectly fine, and certainly an improvement over the built-in firmware. It was easy to set up and customize the wireless network for our house. Unfortunately, that was about all the use I got out of it.

Besides the easy set up, there wasn’t much that impressed me about DD-WRT. I found the interface to be a bit clunky – I always had to click through many tabs to find the settings I needed. Additionally, the bandwidth/usage statistics it provided were minimal. I would never check it unless the wifi had stopped working.

Eventually, several people starting using wifi and I needed to set up QOS (quality of service). I wanted to ensure video streaming and large downloads didn’t impede remote login sessions, remote router administration, etc. This is where I became particularly unhappy with DD-WRT.

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