Dec 232012

I don’t always listen to music with lyrics, but when I do, I listen to Flux Pavilion.

Screenshot of my Pandora music feed with Flux Pavilion lyrics

As I’ve said before, I really enjoy listening to Pandora. I frequently discover new artists. I also run across little amusements such as this!

Mar 012007

The user interfaces on computers have not really gone through that many revisions. I’m certainly not a historian of all computer systems, but the basic idea is that computer use became much easier as the interface became more graphical and ‘user friendly’. I still must question how effective modern interfaces are, though.

Suppose you have a certain phone manufactured by Samsung with awful software that supposedly combines the functionality of an iPod and a cell phone. Although this phone will play MP3 songs, it will only play them if they are a very specific type of MP3, the filename doesn’t contain any special characters and the filename is 32 characters or shorter. How do you copy your music collection onto this phone?

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