Dec 232012

I don’t always listen to music with lyrics, but when I do, I listen to Flux Pavilion.

Screenshot of my Pandora music feed with Flux Pavilion lyrics

As I’ve said before, I really enjoy listening to Pandora. I frequently discover new artists. I also run across little amusements such as this!

Apr 052010

Data is an extremely valuable resource. That’s a little vague, but it’s probably the most profitable asset of our era. Businesses such as Google and Facebook live or die based on the data at their disposal – and they carefully guard this data. There have been lawsuits filed over unauthorized use of these data sets, even just for using publicly available data.

That being said, Google does make their search data available. It’s not provided in a convenient format, but you can learn very interesting/humorous/scary things. And it provides a window into what your neighbors have on their minds.

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Oct 152009
LOL Cheese

I think acronyms used to change less frequently. With the Internet’s rapid development of new memes, it can be quite difficult to keep up with the latest fads. Older, slower institutions (particularly government) are unable to keep up. There have been many instances of “offensive” license plates being revoked after being issued. But for something a little lighter, I give you LOL Cheese.

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Sep 242009

Audra really enjoys being carried around. When I come home from work, she instantly becomes upset until I pick her up. When we go out, she needs to spend some time “up”. It’s one of the only words she knows. The whole thing reminds me of koala babies, as she clings to me while I walk around and do chores.

Unfortunately, her mommy isn’t quite as tall as me. Today we discovered that mommy must be too short, because Audra said “up” after being picked up. She continued to fuss and say “up” until we understood: it doesn’t count unless she’s up high with daddy.

Sep 172009
Photograph of humorous lemons.

Sometimes, there’s really nothing you can say. Everyone was asleep on the job.

Photograph of humorous lemons.

Sep 162009
Photo of translation fail

It’s not unusual to find a poorly translated sign or document – you’ll find many websites filled with such. There are inherent pitfalls in the task of translation. However, it’s more unusual to see this type of failure.

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Sep 142009

Photograph of chicken nuggets

A lot of the “food” that people eat could barely be classified as such. I will admit that people throughout history have eaten a huge variety of items, but they were based on natural substances. Not the “all natural” marketing term presently in use, but organic ingredients free of industrial chemicals and byproducts. Now that our food is full of synthetic chemicals (many of which have unknown side effects), it’s not the same.

Thanks to Fir0002 for the nuggets.

Sep 142009

Photograph of duckie toys

I had a similar animation on one of my old sites almost a decade ago. It astounded me that almost no one understood the actual intention of the joke. Responses ranged from bewilderment to theories involving child abuse. It’s just a clean, non-controversial joke, so I’ll let you ponder it…

Thanks to gaetanlee for the duckies.