Jun 272011

For administrators and power users, it’s often useful to log in as multiple users on the same web site. However, you can’t normally do this from one web browser – sites keep track of your whole session. Logging in as one user logs you out as the other user.

An obvious, but bulky, solution is to use one web browser for each log in (e.g. Firefox and Chrome). However, I’ve found that Google Chrome’s “incognito” feature works much better.

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May 282011

Web browsers have had bookmark bars for years, but I never used them until I switched to Google Chrome. I’ve always felt that the amount of screen real estate they consume is too great compared to the number of bookmarks that will fit (and I dislike having all my bookmarks in folders).

Screenshot of Google Chrome Bookmark Bar

What made me change my mind was icon-only bookmarks. When adding a new bookmark in Chrome, delete the Name field – leaving it empty. Chrome will insert the bookmark using the favicon provided by the website. As long as these icons are distinct, you end up with a compact bookmark bar.