Jun 022010

Parents frequently need to discuss issues, but their kids rarely give them the opportunity to do so. Speaking freely is usually counterproductive, because you’re often talking about the kids (e.g. they’ll flip out if they find out you’re discussing whether they can have candy). But today I realized we’ve stumbled upon a method which actually helps the kids a lot.

Currently, we alternate between speaking Spanish and using large words (at least 3 or 4 syllables). It’s obviously beneficial for them to be exposed to multiple languages. And using large words not only gives my own vocabulary a workout, it’s great for the kids. After a few uses, our 3 year old is randomly using 4-syllable words in sentences. Now I’ll have to dig deeper for harder words, and he’ll pick those up too! There isn’t anything much cuter than hearing a 3 year old trying to say “complicated” or “detonation”.

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  1. This is awesome!!

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