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Character 3 from Revenge of the Titans

Character 3 from Revenge of the Titans Character 1 from Revenge of the Titans Character 1 from Revenge of the Titans Character 2 from Revenge of the Titans Character 1 from Revenge of the Titans

I’ve been having a great time playing the indie game Revenge of the Titans by Puppy Games. Revenge of the Titans is a lot of fun, but it can be quite difficult to advance if you don’t know what you’re doing. For example, you can’t learn what benefits the technology advancements offer until you’ve researched them. This guarantees you won’t research the right areas until you’ve played through the game at least once.

I was unable to find any sort of walkthrough, tutorial or howto on the game, so I thought I’d write my own for other beginners.

To spare those who don’t like spoilers, I’ll start with general user-interface tips and tricks. I’ll warn you before getting into the real secrets!

Disclaimer: this was written towards the end of beta testing (v1.6). The final release has changed a bit, but most tips will still improve your efficiency and survival rate ;)

Navigation and User Interface

I use a DVORAK layout on my Kinesis keyboard, so set-in-stone shortcuts tend to be a problem for me. Nevertheless, there are a few I’ve found very handy – you may end up using more of them than I have.

  • Left-click and drag to perform repeated actions. This works for constructing new buildings, collecting credits from refineries, reloading turrets and picking up drops.
  • Right-click is used for several purposes, and is one of the most useful tricks to know in the heat of battle:
    – If you are in normal mode, right-clicking over an existing building will switch to building mode.
    – If you are in building mode, right-clicking will return to normal mode.
    – If you are in sell mode, right-clicking will return to normal mode.
  • Delete activates sell mode (you’ll get 50% of your credits back). Right-click to cancel.
  • q scrolls back to your home base (headQuarters). Since most of your refineries are usually in that area, it works great for zipping back to collect money before returning to the battle.
  • e scrolls to a refinery that needs to be collected (if any).
  • r scrolls to a turret that needs to be reloaded (if any).
  • 1 switches to building refineries. Gameplay starts as soon as a refinery is built, so it’s helpful to be very efficient when building them.
  • 2 switches to building reactors.
  • 3 switches to building silos.
  • 4 switches to building automated collectors.

Sample Offensive Structures

You’ll want to be as efficient as possible – managing funds is important for success. This means reducing the number of buildings you construct and mining all the ore from each level. Build your refineries in rows, when possible, so you can quickly drag your mouse down the line to collect from them all.

I like a condensed, strong offense, so levels that require many weapons installations tend to annoy me. Select sections of the map that work in your favor – use the landscape to control the path of the titans and force them towards your turrets. If you plan carefully, you can use a single offensive installation on many of the levels. Sometimes this means the turrets are surrounding your headquarters. Other times, the turrets may be some distance from headquarters. There was even a level in which I successfully surrounded all the spawn points with turrets.

Revenge of the Titans screenshot

A Good Offense

Turret upgrades have a limited range, so keep them close to the turrets. You’ll spend less if you build the most expensive upgrades right next to your bunch of turrets. That way, any redundant upgrades you build will cost less. Keep in mind that turret upgrades only stack for up to 4 upgrades (e.g. a turret can’t use more than 4 batteries). Plan ahead for the path the titans are likely to take. Hover over each turret to ensure that their firing range covers the path of the titans.

** SPOILERS AHEAD **** You can stop reading now. **

Research Technologies

Use as many of your credits as you can to research new technologies and weapons. If you work efficiently, you’ll stay ahead of the Titans and have a lot more fun. Many of the best weapons and upgrades are buried in the technology tree, so you’ll have to work towards them. Below is a rough ordering that I find to work well. Some of the pure technology research will not give you any immediate benefit, but will unlock new buildings. I’ve listed a few below which do give an important improvement. Note that not all technologies are listed here – you’ll have to discover the rest yourself!

Revenge of the Titans Cooling Tower

Cooling Tower: Make sure turrets have 4 of these to fire as rapidly as possible.

Revenge of the Titans Heavy Blaster

Heavy Blaster: Much more efficient against armored Titans than a lot of small blasters.

Revenge of the Titans Battery

Battery: Add these instead of building more turrets.

Revenge of the Titans Scanner

Scanner: Increases turret firing range – adding four to a turret covers almost the entire visible screen. Vital for building untouchable turret installations.

Revenge of the Titans Silo

Silo: Greatly increase the cash output of refineries. Necessary for getting ahead in the research tree.

Revenge of the Titans Optics

Optics: Very useful – increases the range of all your turrets by ~50%

Revenge of the Titans Alien Anatomy

Xenobiology: Adds one hitpoint of damage to your blasters.

Revenge of the Titans Spreader Cannon

Spreader Cannon: Works great for holding back the enemy until you can afford to research the Assault Cannon.

Revenge of the Titans Assault Cannon

Assault Cannon: A favorite of mine. The cannon mows down smaller enemies and stuns all larger Titans.

Revenge of the Titans Droid Factory

Droid Factory: Builds small robots to fight Titans. This becomes necessary towards the end of Mars, as some Titans are too small and slip past sensors.

Revenge of the Titans Reactor

Reactor: Reduces the reload time for all turrets and increases the firing range of some.

Revenge of the Titans Extraction Tuning

Extraction Tuning: Automatically improves the cash output of all your refineries by 20%.

Revenge of the Titans Rockets

Rockets: Extremely powerful – a single rocket installation, combined with stun weapons, can handle everything but the largest Titans.


That’s it – go kill hoards of Titans! Don’t waste too many credits on unnecessary buildings and make sure you refine all the ore on every level. There are new surprises and new graphics on every planet.

And don’t forget to support these excellent indie developers by purchasing a copy of Revenge of the Titans!!

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  1. I was pretty stuck in this game and this post helped me a lot!
    One comment though: looks like some of the structures have changed names since the beta that you played, for example the Silo is now Reprocessor.

    • Yes, there definitely were more changes than I expected between beta and the final release. Almost enough that I may have to play through the game again and post a new article…

  2. How do you kill the “ghost” titans? Normals turrets don’t work, I tried Laser because it was suggested, but that doesn’t work either. What do I need to research?

    • I strugle with the the ghosts my self. Can’t seem to find the right wepond to kill them :(

    • You need to use capacitors to kill the ghosts. The scientist and general make vague references to “electrical” weapons, I think.

      Note that the capacitors *DO NOT* fire automatically. You have to watch the edges of your base and manually click to fire the capacitors.

      You’ll see the range of the capacitor highlighted in white when you hover over it. You extend the range and charge rate of capacitors by connecting reactors to them. You can increase their reserves by attaching batteries.

      • Heh, not THAT vague. In the picture of the ghosts, they even have a capacitor shooting it.

        I have only been playing since the humble bundle, so I don’t know how it used to be, but reactors extend the range of capacitors now. It seems batteries do something but I haven’t noticed what as I almost never use them now that I put 4 reactors for quick reloads.

        By the way, thanks so much for your guide Eliot, it was very useful. Especially for the knowledge about optics and the two xeno upgrades.

  3. Do the silo benefits stack, or it a fixed 25% bonus?

    • TLDR: scroll to the end for the moral(s) of the story

      I did some testing with four refineries. Assume in all tests, that all reprocessors are in range of all four refineries, all reprocessors were placed before refineries, and that the no titans were killed and no bonuses were picked up. In all tests, I start with $3800. Each test was repeated 3 times to ensure accuracy (I was assuming results would be consistent if there was no human error).

      The most interesting result of these tests was that profit wasn’t consistent, even with no reprocessors. Maybe crystals are slightly randomized?

      edit: I discovered that I was having fluctuations as high as $400 between tests that were cause by gathering crystals before the $250 limit was reached. So don’t do it unless you really need the cash NOW.

      0 reprocessors: $11110, $11130, $11090
      average profit: $7310
      reprocessor profit: $0

      1 reprocessor: $12360, $12370, $12360
      average profit: $8560
      reprocessor profit: $1250

      2 reprocessors: $12540, $12580, $12540
      average profit: $8750
      reprocessor profit: $1440

      3 reprocessors: $12400, $12380, $12390
      average profit: $8590
      reprocessor profit: $1280

      There are two things I learned from these tests besides the fact that I enjoy this kind of thing:

      First of all, don’t harvest your cash until the refineries are full unless you are really strapped to build that next reactor or something. Some crystals end up getting lost somewhere if you do. Maybe it’s like taking the coffee pot off of the coffee maker before it is all brewed?

      Second, the third reprocessor is probably not worth it. Even the second might not be. In my tests I was hitting every one of my refineries, so in less ideal situations, 1 reprocessor might even be best. Maybe I will do some more tests that remove the stacking factor of reprocessors, as I assume the get diminishing returns on the same refinery.

      Anyone is free to share or repost this stuff anywhere they want if they think it is useful.

    • I tried to test the difference between 1 and 2 silos if they weren’t stacking. The test is pretty much the same, except that instead of testing reprocessors that affect all 4 refineries, I tested for two groups of refineries that a single reprocessor couldn’t reach. So 2 groups of 2 refineries.

      group one reprocessed, but not group 2: $11770
      both groups reprocessed by one reprocessor each: $11840

      findings: I’m still only on the moon, but for now, I will still never get more than 2 reprocessors. Obviously the bigger the crystal pile, the bigger the benefit, as the cost of the additional buildings become negligible. Keep in mind though that a repocessor/refinery combo will take longer to strip a given crystal pile than a just the refinery.

      • Thanks for the detailed test report! The behavior of the reprocessors is one of the biggest changes, I think. You used to be able to make a LOT more cash from them.

  4. Ok. Now I’m getting stuck on Saturn. Those flying guys are pwning my base hard. Even with full range upgrades and a laser as suggested by my scientists, they almost always get the bomb off before i can do anything about it. My only strat so far that has worked (besides using a repair every time they come) is to build a tower in their path, and then quick sell it before the bomb lands… seems kind of cheap though. A legitimate method would be awesome.

    Any tips?

    • A laser definitely worked best for me, but I also noticed that the Assault Cannon was fairly effective. The margins are very tight – you’ll want the laser as close to the edge of your base as possible. Ideally, you want a line of barricades with the laser right next to them. That way, the laser will shoot the Titans as soon as they’re in range and the bombs will fall just short of your base.

      That being said, the flying Titans might have changed too much since I played Saturn. The devs have been tweaking everything. I was considering writing a whole new article, but they just mentioned some more significant changes on their blog. I’ll have to wait.

      • A single laser with scanners seems to be enough to fry the flying bombers before they can get close enough to damage the base. The effect of up to four scanners around a turret will add up, giving the laser in particular enormous range. And, fortunately, the laser prioritizes airborne titans over any other target.

        Helped a lot against the flying megatitan as well.

    • the flying megatitan will, after a fixed period of time, simply attack your base from afar all of a sudden. what i did was set up some forward defenses after the land enemies were cleared. blast cannons were very effective.

  5. free planning time: aliens don’t attack until you build a refinery or a droid factory, so build your defenses first, then place the refinery last.

    • wow, just wow

      I’m nearly at the end of the moon and I did not know of this!
      you sir just saved me from a lot more frustration

      here I was always starting with refineries to have more resource collecting time because I just assumed the game always started right away

      The more I play the more I stumble upon these weird game design that just aren’t clear, this game really needs some more tips or something
      I even played earth without knowing you could stack sensors, that was hard! had to see it in a youtube movie
      Did I feel like an idiot after seeing that :p

      Off to readup some more, coz the info on items isn’t really that clear, like the reprocessor info makes it sounds as if it makes the refinery harvest 25% faster, not 25% more crystals

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