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When plotting my typing performance, I wanted to demonstrate my baseline typing performance as well as the number of errors. For this, I discovered some quite useful capabilities in the CRAN package ggplot2.

DVORAK typing performance on Kinesis Contour Keyboard

results<-read.csv("./dvorak_vs_qwerty_typing_test_results.csv", header = TRUE);
png(filename="kinesis_dvorak.png", width=640, height=440, bg="#070707");
ggplot(results, aes(x=Trial, y=Kinesis.DVORAK)) + scale_x_continuous(name="Trial #", limits=c(1, 15), breaks=seq(1,15)) + scale_y_continuous(name="Words per Minute", limits=c(0,100), breaks=seq(0,100,by=10)) + geom_point(aes(x=results$Trial, y=(results$Kinesis.DVORAK + results$Errors)), color="#7b0000", pch=19) + geom_area(color="#004088", fill="#004088", alpha=0.5) + opts(title="Kinesis Keyboard - DVORAK Layout") + theme_bb() + opts(plot.title=theme_text(colour="#ffffff", size=14, vjust=1), axis.title.x=theme_text(colour="#ffffff",size=12,vjust=0), axis.title.y=theme_text(angle=90,colour="#ffffff",size=12), plot.background=theme_rect(colour="#070707", fill="#070707"), panel.background=theme_rect(colour="#666666"), panel.grid.major=theme_line(colour="#444444"), panel.grid.minor=theme_line(colour="#070707"));;

Required packages: ggplot2, ggExtra

Download Data File

DVORAK vs QWERTY Typing Performance Results

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  1. Fast typing!

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