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Recommended books:

Douglas Adams:

Much like Red Dwarf, many are put off by the idea of a sci-fi comedy. But Do Not Panic!: Douglas Adams had a fantastic sense of humor. You don’t need to enjoy science fiction to enjoy his work.

Vernor Vinge:

Some of Vinge’s books, such as A Fire Upon The Deep and A Deepness in the Sky, were difficult for me to get through the first time. Nevertheless, you must not miss these – they are packed with novel concepts. Not everything he imagines will come to pass, but I am awed by his visions of the future.

Robert Heinlein:

In my opinion, Heinlein is very hit-or-miss. I frequently re-read certain novels, such as the Heinlein juveniles. Others are not at all enjoyable for me. If you’ve already read a Heinlein and hated it, give one of the above a try before giving up on him.

Frederick Pohl – The Heechee Saga

Recommended movies:

Recommended music: