Jan 302011

Six weeks ago, in an attempt to improve my productivity, I pledged to build a simple game. Regrettably, the deadline has passed and I have nothing to show for it. The reason is not technical but simply a failure of time management. I have two perfectly acceptable designs and I did pick up a bit of Python, but I never sat down to start development.

There are a few reasons for the failure – some avoidable and some unexpected. For several days after I resolved to build a new game, I read through the Python manual and picked over the available tool sets. Then I was distracted by some other projects and the holidays. Two weeks ago, I came down with a particularly nasty illness and was out of commission.

I finally got back on my feet this weekend and spent the time reading about bacteriophages and brushing up my Blender skills. This started off as a fairly interesting tangent – I haven’t really done any microbiology research since high school. But starting a new Blender project ended up becoming quite frustrating. I haven’t done much 3D work for 5 years so my skills are rusty. I was soon reminded of how little free time I have these days, and I realized that to complete the project to my standards would take a significant chunk of time.

So, I have what it takes to complete any number of projects. But I just don’t have the time to complete them perfectly. And any project I can’t perfect just leaves me frustrated.

I know I won’t be satisfied with just one – I’ve always alternated between several projects. But I’ve got to carefully consider before taking on anything new.

I’m going to give myself some time to mull things over. Then I expect I’ll return to alternating between web development and game development. Anything else will have to be strictly dabbling – and will need to be carefully monitored…

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