About Eliot Eshelman


Occupation: Senior Technical Account Manager, Microway Inc.

Interests: astronomy to bacteriophages, computers, the internet, GNU/Linux, free (open source) software, computer graphics/animation; I enjoy using my brain. Practically every facet of the universe is fascinating if you look at it right.
Pastimes: rebuking misled Microsoft Windows users, spending time with my wife and kids; playing, researching and writing computer games

Preferred liquids: iced matcha tea, thai iced tea, grape + orange juice, water
Preferred vector/image manipulation program: Inkscape, The Gimp
Preferred 3D modelling/animation applications: Blender, Newtek Lightwave 3D

Eliot’s Wishlist: Amazon Wish List

Celebrities I know personally: Stu Marcotte

Version: 3.12

GCS/IT/M/S d-(?) s++:- a– C++(+++)$ UL+++$ P++(+++)
L+++$(++++) E- W+++ N o? K? w— !O M- !V PS+@ PE(-) Y+ PGP+ t+@>$
5 X- R- tv b+(++++) DI+(++) D- G++@ e*(++)>++++ h— r+++ y+++

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